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When advertising needs PR (yes it's Super Bowl)!

As far as the U.S. market is concerned, there's once a year when advertising and PR hold hands; or maybe more precisely advertising depends on media relations to make them successful (OK - so that has just pissed off a bunch of creatives, but hey, that's life). It's the Super Bowl.

Quickly approaching this coming weekend, the Super Bowl 2012 always promises to bring out TV adverts that entertain and delight.  While we don't have time to go over some really cool PR stories about ads from the past, we do have time now to give you a sneak peak of what is coming up this weekend.

Some of the adverts are available (or their previews are) here.

There is inevitably the actual media relations about how much money a 30 second spot actually costs. Then the best ads create great PR around them.  This year, look out for the companies which are using social media to get the anticipation glands going (Century 21 seem to have a strong strategy in place). Similarly look for hash tags that are quite prominent in the ads - not of the company/brand name, but around the campaign name/message.

Last year, you'll remember, that one or two adverts caused their own controversey, which in turn pulled out the crisis communications - I'm thinking the Groupon.com ads with Timothy Hutton talking about the difficulties in Tibet, and then it turned into an ad for a coypon to a Tibetan restaurant. None of the ads seem to be in that category at this point, but that can change on a dime.

Enjoy the ads and watch this space to see how PR will treat this year's ad-fest - and what crisis will loom.